CEFA membership is available to all students currently studying in the following CBS masters study lines within economics and finance namely AEF, ASC, FIN, FIR, IB, FSM, MAT and Cand.Oecon are eligible to become an active CEFA Member. To become an active CEFA member it is required that you sign up by filling out the form below. Membership is free and sign-up only takes 30 seconds, so become an active CEFA member today and make sure not to miss out on a world of opportunities.

CEFA Membership Benefits

  • It's free to become an active CEFA member
  • Receive the latest job opportunities
  • Eligible to attend or apply for events with CEFA Corporate Partners
  • Build your network and connect with over 1000 students from other study lines
  • Attend innovative events enabling you to connect with your future employer in a meaningful way
  • Participate in CEFA Seminars and get a head start in your career
  • Be the first to know about CEFA events, vacant job positions and graduate programs with our Corporate Partners
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