QVARTZ is a management consulting company with global reach and Nordic heritage. Our civilization currently counts 425 passionate people, all with different backgrounds but with a common desire to change the management consulting industry from within. The entrepreneurial spirit is an important part of our DNA, and we constantly explore new opportunities to build our company and move things forward. From our eight offices across Europe, the US and Asia, we follow our clients all over the world.

Getting your head around what management consulting is all about can be difficult. To us, it all boils down to tackling and solving critical strategic business issues for our clients while at the same time engaging and mobilizing client organizations. Being a good management consultant is not only about having a black belt in problem solving. It is equally important to be able to understand your client’s business and culture, and to be able to work with and motivate different personality types in different team structures.

At QVARTZ, we aspire to deliver results and build relationships in everything we do. Through a combination of rigorous analyses, solid experience and deep industry insight, we help our clients improve their business – whether this requires reducing costs, maximizing investments or restructuring the organization. As a consultant with us, you work closely together with the client and your team.

Do you want to know more about the world of management consulting and how your skills can be put to use in our line of business? Go to www.qvartz.com/career or contact us at recruiting@qvartz.com