By joining the CEFA corporate portfolio, you get the opportunity to connect with an ambitious and talented pool of master students within economics and finance at Copenhagen Business School. The total number of 1st year and 2nd year masters students studying within the CEFA lines is approximately 1200. By connecting with students, CEFA offers a unique opportunity to showcase your company and attract great students to your company. Our corporate relations team is dedicated, professional and works tirelessly to ensure that we can collaborate to provide great events for both students and your company. For us, it is important to offer students the possibility to connect with a balanced portfolio of prestigious companies across different industries. CEFA aims to represent the four areas Banking & Finance, Management Consulting, Audit & Advisory and Industry. By doing so, your company gets the opportunity to connect with students without being crowded out by many firms from within the same industry.

CEFA offers Partners


We work closely together with our Partners in designing, planning and organizing events. We believe in providing innovative events that are engaging and gives your company an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with students. To ensure that we continue to deliver great events we use surveys and feedback in order to improve our operations. We help our Partners in organizing and promoting events – following the motto: “We prepare – You deliver”.

Branding & Exposure

We always strive to provide our corporate partners with an opportunity to get maximum exposure so students can get to know your company better. Our flagship event CEFA Day provides you an opportunity to brand yourself to all 1st year master’s students and really make your mark at the beginning of students’ university journey. We also have dedicated communication and marketing team using social media and on-campus promotions to get your brand out there.

Talent pool

CEFA is a student association acting as an umbrella organization representing 8 CBS study lines namely MSc. Applied Economics and Finance, Finance and Investments, Finance and Strategic Management, Finance and Accounting, Advanced Economics International Business, Economics and Mathematics and Finance and Accounting, strategy and control. We provide an opportunity for you to focus your recruitment on talented students specifically within the area of economics and finance. It is this focus that sets apart from other organizations as we have close contact with students from within these study lines.

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