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CEFA is dedicated to offering our students a diverse range of insights into various sectors within the Danish job market. To achieve this objective, our aim is to establish partnerships with corporations that represent four key domains: Finance & Banking, Management Consulting, Audit & Advisory, and Industry. This strategic approach ensures alignment with our students’ academic backgrounds, particularly those pursuing master’s degrees in Finance and Economics at CBS.

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We engage in close collaboration with our esteemed partners to carefully design, plan, and execute events. Our core commitment centers on delivering innovative and engaging experiences that enable profound connections with students. To consistently uphold the quality of our events, we utilize surveys and feedback mechanisms to continuously refine our operational processes. Additionally, we offer support to our partners in event organization and promotion, steadfastly following our guiding principle: "We prepare; you deliver."


At the heart of our mission is the commitment to provide our corporate partners with continuous opportunities for maximum exposure, enabling students to gain invaluable insights into your organization. Our frequent events serve as pivotal stages for you to elevate your brand visibility among master's students, establishing a significant presence throughout their university journey. Moreover, our dedicated communication and marketing team employs Social Media (SoME) and on-campus promotional strategies to effectively magnify your brand's presence.

Talent Pool

CEFA operates as a student association, serving as the overarching organization that represents nine distinct CBS study lines. These study lines encompass a broad spectrum of business disciplines, including MSc ASC, AEF, FIN; FSM, FIR, GMA, IB, cand.oecon, cand.merc.(mat).
We offer a unique opportunity for you to focus your recruitment efforts on exceptionally talented students specializing in the fields of finance and economics. This specialized focus sets CEFA apart from other student organizations at CBS, simultaneously establishing it as one of the largest and most distinguished in its domain.


Rebecka Nordwall
Head of Corporate Relations