About Us

CEFA is a Copenhagen Business School student association established in 2014. We represent the eight CBS economics and finance masters study lines: Accounting, Strategy and Control; Applied Economics and Finance; Finance and Accounting; Finance and Investments; Finance and Strategic Management; International Business; Economics and Mathematics; Oecon.

As an organization, we aim to create a better bridge across study lines and provide students with a possibility to connect and expand their network. CEFA also aims to create a meaningful connection between students and their future job market through our corporate partners, ensuring that the transition from university to their first job is seamless.

CEFA is a non-profit organization run by ambitious student leaders who believe in CEFA’s mission of creating a meaningful connection across study lines and with our corporate partners. The team members are represented by some of the study lines, to ensure that CEFA remains to have a close connection with our talented pool of students.

CEFA Events

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Become a Member

CEFA is for CBS students with a passion for Economics and Finance! All students studying in the following CBS master’s programmes are eligable to become a CEFA member and join our events: Can.merc AEF, ASC, FIN, FIR, IB, FSM, MAT as well as Cand.Oecon.

To become a CEFA member, select “Read More” below and fill in a membership form – then we will keep you clued in on all of our activities. Becoming a member is free and only takes 30 seconds, so become a member of CEFA today and make sure not to miss out on a world of opportunities.

Note that if you’re interested in going beyond being a CEFA member and joining our wonderful team then we would also love to hear from you. 

Career Opportunities

Our partners promote new job postings and events to the CEFA network, allowing students to get a head start in life after graduation.

Corporate Partners

Our association is supported by prestigious corporate partners who facilitate opportunities for students to fulfil their potential both during and after their education.

Networking Events

CEFA hosts several events throughout the year, offering students the ability to collaborate and connect with industry professionals.


CEFA has the pleasure of collaborating with some of the most prestigious and well-known companies in Denmark.