CEFA had the great pleasure to organize and host the entertaining DILEMMAS NIGHT event dedicated to CEFA members on 21st of April. Our very special guest was Mads Steffensen, who played the moderator role and led the discussion for the panel formed from representatives from QVARTZ, EY, Danske Bank and AT Kearney, all having humoristic personalities and with a sense of self-irony. The purpose of the event was to give the students a better impression of the finance sector under informal circumstances. The event was inspired by the Danish radio program ‘’Mads & Monopolet’’.

Throughout the event, the panelists together with Mads Steffensen have amusingly debated and concluded for intrigued real dilemmas faced by students either in their workplaces or study lives, who wished for an opinion from the humorous panelists. Under a beer or soda, the participants have spent a relaxing evening where everyone laid back and had a good laugh.