CEFA Women with Female Invest: Cocktails & Mingle Feb25

CEFA Women with Female Invest: Cocktails & Mingle

// CEFA WOMEN: Cocktail Course with special guest Female Invest //

Are you an ambitious female student from AEF, ASC, Cand. Oecon, FIN, FIR, FSM, IB, or MAT? Are you curious about what it is like to be a woman in business and do you love making cocktails?

Then join CEFA and our corporate partners for...

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CEFA Dilemmas Night 2019 Apr08

CEFA Dilemmas Night 2019

Do you have a crush on a co-worker? Is it a bad idea to date someone from work? Or to sleep with someone who is part of your close group of study-friends? How do you deal with friends that are free-riding? Are you struggling to find the right balance on how to lead a fun student life at CBS and studying/working? Or how to deal wit...

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