About CEFA

CEFA is a Copenhagen Business School student association established in 2014. We represent the eight CBS economics and finance masters study lines: Accounting, Strategy and Control; Applied Economics and Finance; Finance and Accounting; Finance and Investments; Finance and Strategic Management; International Business; Economics and Mathematics; Oecon.

As an organization, we aim to create a better bridge across study lines and provide students with a possibility to connect and expand their network. CEFA also aims to create a meaningful connection between students and their future job market through our corporate partners, ensuring that the transition from university to their first job is seamless. CEFA is a non-profit organization run by ambitious student leaders who believe in CEFA’s mission of creating a meaningful connection across study lines and with our corporate partners. The team members are represented by some of the study lines, to ensure that CEFA remains to have a close connection with our talented pool of students.

“ CEFA aims to become the most valuable student organization for CBS finance and economics master’s students and for the most desirable corporations .”

“ CEFA aims to create a meaningful connection between CBS finance and economics master’s students and our prestigious corporate partners. We will strive to create a learning and networking platform for our members, enabling them to fulfil their potential and goals during and after their education.”

” Professionalism, Passion and Fun drive and shape the way we work at CEFA. We believe that these values are the cornerstones of building a sustainable and meaningful CEFA. “


Ida Skouboe


Live Bjørkum


Events & Communication

Ylva Helene Hallingby

Head of Events & Communication

Astrid Åneman

Events & Communication

Leonie Kern

Events & Communication

Cecilie Tvergaard Nielsen

Events & Communication

Lisa Schwemmle

Events & Communication

Divya Swetha Kanchi Bhatta

Events & Communication

Simon Strande Henriksen

Events & Communication

Alma Biseniece

Events & Communication

Corporate Relations

Shayan Dargahi

Head of Corporate Relations

Valentina Guerra

Corporate Relations

Diego Reyes-Ortiz Camacho

Corporate Relations

Faith Mun Ko

Corporate Relations


Application Deadline: 25/09/2021

Do you want to be a part of a student organization that connects the economics and finance students of CBS with top tier companies?

New CEFA team members are elected every year in the fall semester. We look for self-driven, proactive individuals who will work as a team to create exciting events that add value for CBS students in the EBA study lines and our corporate partners.
Joining CEFA presents an opportunity to develop your project management skills and a chance to take on a leadership position. You will work closely with engaged students and together develop the organization and its events. Additionally, you will be able to extend your network of professionals within various sectors through our corporate partnerships.
We in CEFA are encouraging all students enrolled in MSc. AEF, ASC, FIN, FIR, FSM, IB, Mat, and Oecon who are not going on exchange, to apply by sending their CV and ½ page motivational letter to hr@cefa.dk. If you already have an idea of which type of role you would like to assume then feel free to mention this in your application.

The CEFA Administration is responsible for operations, IT ,finance and HR, along with the overall running of CEFA on a day to day basis. The department includes the following positions: Chairman, Vice-Chairman,  and Treasurer. As part of the team you will be actively involved in strategic planning, development and a number of internal projects.

The CEFA Corporate Relations department is responsible for the communication with our corporate partners. Each member of this department is directly responsible for one or more partners and acts as a direct liaison between the partner and the rest of CEFA, both in person and via other communication channels.

The CEFA Events & Communication department is responsible for the planning of our events including CEFA Day, CEFA Women, CEFA Connect and Dilemmas Night. Events is looking for people who are creative, well organized, and able to work as a team to deliver professional events that attract students. As part of the team, you will also have close contact with all departments and be responsible for external communication.


CEFA has the pleasure of collaborating with some of the most prestigious and well-known companies in Denmark