CEFA Overview

Established in 2014
10 years of experience
Representing MSc EBA lines
Students enrolled at CBS
Number of successful events
Number of corporate partners

Who are we?

CEFA is a Copenhagen Business School student association established in 2014. We represent the eight CBS economics and finance masters study lines: Accounting, Strategy and Control; Applied Economics and Finance; Finance and Accounting; Finance and Investments; Finance and Strategic Management; International Business; Economics and Mathematics; Oecon.

As an organization, we aim to create a better bridge across study lines and provide students with a possibility to connect and expand their network. CEFA also aims to create a meaningful connection between students and their future job market through our corporate partners, ensuring that the transition from university to their first job is seamless.

CEFA is a non-profit organization run by ambitious student leaders who believe in CEFA’s mission of creating a meaningful connection across study lines and with our corporate partners. The team members are represented by some of the study lines, to ensure that CEFA remains to have a close connection with our talented pool of students.

Claire Zonnevijlle
Philip Bjørn
Head of Corporate Relations
Ronja Willer
Roberts Drunesis
Head of Events & Communication


Are you interested in becoming a part of a student organization that facilitates connections between CBS’ economics and finance students and top-tier companies?

Each year, new members for the CEFS team are elected during the Fall semester. We are seeking self-driven, proactive individuals who are eager to collaborate as a team to create events that provide value to our fellow CBS students and our corporate partners.

Joining CEFS offers you an opportunity to enhance your project management skills and potentially assume a leadership role. You will work closely with engaged students, contributing to the development of the organization and future events. Furthermore, you will have the chance to expand your professional network across various sectors through our corporate partnerships.

At CEFA, we encourage all students enrolled in the MSc ASC, AEF, FIR, FIN, FSM, GMA, IB, cand.oecon, and cand.merc. (mat) programs, who are not planning to go on an exchange program, to apply by submitting their CV and a 1/2-page motivational letter to hr@cefa.dk. If you already have a specific role in mind that you’d like to undertake, please feel free to mention it in your application.

The CEFA administration is tasked with the oversight of operations, IT, finance, and HR, in addition to the daily management of CEFA. This department is composed of essential roles, including the Chairman, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer. As a valued member of our team, you will actively contribute to strategic planning, development initiatives, and various internal projects
The CEFA Corporate Relations department is entrusted with the vital role of engaging with our corporate partners. Each team member within this department takes on the dedicated task of managing one or more partners, serving as a direct bridge between our partners and the wider CEFA organization, leveraging various communication channels, including in-person interactions.
The CEFA Events & Communication department plays a pivotal role in orchestrating our events, such as CEFA Dilemmas Night and CEFA Women. We are actively seeking individuals who possess creativity, strong organizational skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively as a team. Our objective is to deliver high-quality, student-attracting events. Furthermore, within the realm of communication, your role will entail acting as a liaison between various departments and managing our social media presence (SoMe) with professionalism and expertise.