About CEFA

CEFA is a Copenhagen Business School student association established in 2014. We represent the eight CBS economics and finance masters study lines: Accounting, Strategy and Control; Applied Economics and Finance; Finance and Accounting; Finance and Investments; Finance and Strategic Management; International Business; Oecon. As organization, we aim to create a better bridge across study lines and provide students with a possibility to connect and expand their network. CEFA also aims to create a meaningful connection between students and their future job market, ensuring that the transition from university to their first job is seamless. To do so, CEFA has a portfolio of prestigious corporate partners in order to provide an opportunity for students and CEFA's corporate partners to connect in a meaningful way. CEFA is a non-profit organization run by ambitious student leaders who believe in CEFA's mission of creating a meaningful connection across study lines and with our corporate partners. The team members are represented by some of the study lines, to ensure that CEFA remains to have a close connection with the talented pool of students.

Our Vision


“ CEFA aim to become the most valuable student organization for CBS finance and economics master students and for the most desirable corporations ”


Our Mission


“ CEFA aim to create a meaningful connection between CBS finance and economics master students and our prestigious corporate partners. We will strive to create a learning and networking platform for our members, enabling them to fulfill their potential and goals during and after their education ”

Our Values


" Professionalism, Passion and Fun drive and shape the way we work at CEFA. We believe that these values are the cornerstones of building a sustainable and meaningful CEFA "