Our Events

Our events aim to fulfill our motto “Creating meaningful connections” and we believe that by offering innovative and diverse events we can fulfill our promise. Through our events we strive to provide all our members with an opportunity to get insights into the corporate world and hopefully be the gateway to their first job.   In addition to connecting AEF, ASC, FIN, FIR, FSM, IB, MAT and Cand.Oecon students with our prestigious corporate partners, we also aim to provide a unique platform for students to develop their skills outside the classroom. Read more about our events below and be sure to check in often or follow us on Facebook in order to get the latest updates on upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

CEFA Partner events

Our Corporate Partner Events aim to connect students with prestigious companies across 4 industries namely Banking and Finance, Management Consulting, Advisory and Industry. Throughout the year, each of our corporate partners hosts an event normally held at their offices. Typically, you will get an opportunity to get close contact with company employees, learn more about the company and acquire new skills in e.g. problem-solving, presentation skills and more. Be sure to join the next exclusive Corporate Partner Event to gain unique insight into great companies and expand your network whilst connecting with students from other study lines!

CEFA Events

CEFA Events are events organized and arranged by the CEFA Team for students. Places are limited so make sure to sign up in order not to miss out! CEFA Day Our flagship event held each year during intro week aimed primarily at incoming 1st year master’s students. CEFA Day hosts nearly 400 students and provides them with an opportunity to gain insight into and connect with our corporate partners. The day includes a panel debate covering a current topic, company presentations, networking and a party in the evening. CEFA Seminars Events aimed at providing students with skills outside the classroom. You will have the chance to participate in workshops, lectures and events across a variety of topics. We aim to invite experts in their field and have previous students share their experiences in order to put CEFA members a step ahead in their quest for the dream job. Events can include presentation skills workshops, networking workshops or case solving workshops.

CEFA Women

CEFA Women are intimate events created in collaboration between the CEFA Team and our corporate partners, which aim to establish and improve relations between female CEFA students and the corporate world. CEFA Women is a platform where our corporate partners can meet top talented female students and present themselves and the opportunities they offer in intimate settings. Furthermore, CEFA Women is creating a network for female students across the 8 CEFA study lines, in order for them to spread knowledge about career opportunities, share experiences and connect with each other. Past events include brunches and panel debates, with panellists being leading executives from our corporate partners.